Useful Information
Useful Information

Useful Information

If you find yourself on this page you are probably looking at booking a hot air balloon flight for yourself or even maybe as a gift for someone close to you.

We have compiled a short list with some useful information that is applicable to almost all hot air balloon flights around the world.

Prepare your credit card

Hot air balloon flights dont come cheap, and the more remote or unique the location is, the more you can expect to pay. Ticket prices vary between between 200USD and 500USD per ticket. Private flights could easily reach five times this amount.

Keep the weather in mind

Ballooning is extremely weather dependent. A little too much wind and there is no way of getting the balloon upright and into the sky. Always try to have a reserve day available in case the weather does not play along on your requested date

Its a tight affair

Space is limited in this glorified picnic basket, and there is not much space to move around in your compartment. If you long for extra space you should consider booking a private flight.

Prepare for Landing

The type of landing you will have will depend on the terrain and the weather conditions at the time of landing. If the wind picked up a little during your flight you can expect to have a drag landing where the basket is pulled along the ground as the hot air is escapes the balloon.

Dress smart and comfortably

Hot Air Balloon flights normally takes place at sunrise due to more stable weather conditions in the morning. It can be quite chilly before the flight, so some warm clothes, gloves and closed shoes should do the trick.

Remember your camera or phone

Whatever you, do not forget your camera, you will be presented with hundreds of opportunities to gather some show and tell evidence from the inflation all the way through to packing the balloon back into the bag.

Be prepared to make some friends

Most people on the flight are probably celebrating a special occasion or they received their tickets as a gift, so it ends up being a group of happy people in close quarters. You are bound make some new friends during your ballooning experience

Treasure every moment

For most of us, the chance to go on a hot air balloon is a once in a lifetime occasion. So be sure to make the most of it. It is a magical experience from start to finish.